JFK Assassination Broadcast


Daytime Broadcast:

On Monday, November 19, 1962, Father Knows Best  began its long daytime broadcast on ABC at 12:30 pm Eastern.  It  moved to noon on March 30, 1964 until December 25,1964.  Then it went back to the 12:30 pm slot from December 28, 1964 until February 3, 1967 when it was replaced by The Donna Reed Show.  Thanks to Daniel Dedmon for researching this info.

Airing weekdays  on a national network for over 4 years demonstrates the lasting appeal of the series by American families.  On November, 22, 1963, Father Knows Best  was on air with many ABC-TV affiliates when the news broke that President Kennedy had been shot.  Check out the link below for this historic bulletin.  Father Knows Best  is part of the first 7 minutes of this 2 hour clip.