Radio Show Items

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This booklet is from 1953, one year before Father Knows Best moved to television.  At the time, 1/3 of all teenage deaths were due to car accidents.  So the Inter-Industry Highway Safety Committee in Washington DC launched a massive campaign to educate teenagers on better driving habits.  Robert Young was part of this campaign and at the end of the Father Knows Best radio program each week, this campaign was mentioned. Click on the booklet to hear a radio program commercial of the campaign!

Here’s a quote from the booklet:  “Robert Young, motion picture and radio star, is shown on the cover discussing the Good-Driver Agreements with starlet Rhoda Williams and Ted Donaldson.  Mr. Young has been identified actively with the program through his radio show and personal appearances.”

Interesting Fact: Rhoda Williams was “Betty”, and Ted Donaldson was “Bud” on the radio program.